Motif: "Hey Bill, What The Heck is That?"

Motif: Swans in Fog at Daybreak

But I'm a crow, it's a costume, I swear!

American Avocet

Motif: Well, OK, but next time YOU be the fish...

White-Breasted Nuthatch

Summer's End At Nickerson
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Tern Emerging

Signs in the Sky...

Sanderling w/ clam

Goldfinch on Thistle (Female?)

Horned Grebe

Willet Salute

Hey Mom! Where's Mine?

Yellow Shafted Flicker

Red-Tailed Hawk

Louisiana Loudmouth (Tri-Colored Heron)

Blue Grosbeak

Eastern Phoebe w/ snack

Tern Blast-Off

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Female Downy w/ Young (suggestions added 07/27)

Tern Confrontation

American Oystercatchers

Egret Art

Motif: Sunset Skimmer @ ISO1600